Dear Lady Disdain

Post-Punk Princess

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13 June 1977
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Interests: (82)
80s movies, 80s new wave, adam ant, blackadder, bowie, british comedy, bugs, cats, clothes, cocteau twins, costumes, craftiness, cyndi lauper, david bowie, dogs, duran duran, eddie izzard, edith wharton, epee, f. w. murnau, fencing, film, food, fritz lang, garlic, george r. r. martin, greta garbo, halloween, hedgehogs, insects, j. r. r. tolkein, jane austen, john cusack, johnny depp, joy division, labyrinth, lace, lgbt issues, m, madness, make-up, metropolis, monty python, mr. bento, new order, old-skool hip-hop, olives, outkast, peter lorre, pets, photography, photos, pics, rowan atkinson, sci fi, science fiction, sewing, sex dwarf, shoes, silent divas, silent film, siouxsie and the banshees, spiders, star trek, star wars, stellastarr*, tarantulas, tech, tech support, the beatles, the cure, the english beat, the gogos, the philadelphia flyers, the specials, the talking heads, the young ones, theater, velvet underground, video games, weight watchers, wonder woman
Sometimes I have blue hair. Also, this is totally true of me.

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